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  • Albena and Nicoletta are buyers from Bulgaria and Irina is a seller from Russia


    Buyer: We are very grateful to Katya for her help, for helping us choose an apartment so quickly, and that we bought it and that it is on the sea, and once again, Katya, thank you! Seller: I've...

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  • Natalia, seller, Norway


    Hello! My name is Natalia Karpova-Fredrikson, I am an apartment seller. I turned to Ekaterina Adusheva for help. She is a very good, responsible broker, a talented person. I recommend it! We solved...

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  • Dimitri, seller, Russia


    I bought and sold apartments in Bulgaria through Ekaterina. An excellent specialist. When buying, she met us at the airport, showed us a lot of objects, made a tour of Sunny Beach and recommended...

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  • Anna and Sergey, buyers, Russia


    We express our huge thanks to Ekaterina! A wonderful realtor, a wonderful person! She helped us to buy a nice apartment in Burgas, Sarafovo. And not only that, she goes everywhere with us and helps...

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  • Svetlana, seller, Russia


    I want to thank Ekaterina and the entire company Property Format for their help in selling our studio. We thought it was unrealistic to sell an apartment, it's so difficult. We had so many fears,...

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  • Georgi, byuer, Lithuania


    Hello! We are from Lithuania, we decided to buy a property in Bulgaria, in Sunny Beach. We have chosen a studio to relax in the summer. We have been looking for a real estate agent who can help us...

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  • Olga, byuer, Russia


    Hello! I have become a happy owner of real estate in Bulgaria. This transaction was also cool and it turned out to be done thanks to the active help of Ekaterina Dusheva, who is the CEO of a real...

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  • Ekaterina, byuer, Russia


    It is with great pleasure that I write down this grateful review of the work of Ekaterina Adusheva and the real estate agency Property Format. Ekaterina is a professional in her field and it is...

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  • Elena, seller, Russia


    Hello! My name is Elena. I made a deal today to sell an apartment in Fort Noks. Ekaterina Adusheva helped me. Thank her very much, I am very pleased with her. She was with me everywhere until the...

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  • Alexander and Natali, buyers, USA


    Well, today, August 20, 2021, a wonderful event happened. We became the owners of this apartment in a wonderful place, just a pearl of the coast - in Sveti Vlas. Many thanks to Kate, who carried...

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  • Larisa, seller, Russia


    I recommend it! We sold a studio in St. Vlas remotely by proxy. The transaction was organized quickly, everything was clear. A quick and clear answer to any question. I would like to thank...

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  • Eduard, buyer, Israel


    Good afternoon! My name is Ed. I bought a two-room apartment on the ground floor thanks to a very professional agent from the company Property Format. This is Ekaterina. I am very grateful that the...

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Customer reviews

Natalia, seller, Norway

Hello! My name is Natalia Karpova-Fredrikson, I...

Dimitri, seller, Russia

I bought and sold apartments in Bulgaria...

Anna and Sergey, buyers, Russia

We express our huge thanks to Ekaterina! A...