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Property Format Ltd. organize two familiarization tours for real estate – individual and group.

Individual tour of the property involves a personal approach to each client. Usually the tour lasts 2 to 4 days. Approximate schedule of the tour with a comfortable schedule as follows:

Day 1 – meeting at the airport for a corporate company car, personal acquaintance with a specialist. On the way from the airport to the hotel, the specialist conducts a small observation tour of the following cities and need will help You with currency exchange and hotel check-in. Depending on the arrival time of Your plane, viewings can be initiated on the first day.

Day 2 – inspection of real estate according to Your search requirements. A preliminary list of real estate may be already approved earlier by mail or specialist for Your needs is its own version of the proposals for examination. By the end of the day inspection is supplied qualitative analysis of the seen sentences.

Day 3 – re-viewing any objects. Decision-making. Discussion of all legal issues specific to real estate. Booking, making the reservation amount and the signing of documents. If you need to open a Bank account.

Day 4 – check out from hotel, private transfer.

The number of days may vary from personal wishes of the client.

Group tour for the property is most often the clients with the same search expectations and budget. Group tour is conducted under the customers ' request or as seasonal promotions.

Of course, the work doesn't end there. Further, the company's specialists Property Format Ltd. in cooperation with an independent lawyer prepare the documents for the transaction of purchase and sale. On the appointed day the purchaser, the seller or their legal representatives will conduct a final transaction of purchase and sale of real estate. At the same time going on full payment of the property, as well as key collection and check of the new owner.

It should be noted that this is a rough diagram of the procedure of purchase and sale. Each case is unique, so should be considered under the prism of personal circumstances. Your personal specialist company Format Property Ltd. will explain to You all the moments of Your future transactions and will guide You through all its stages to its logical conclusion.


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