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  • The formation area of real estate in Bulgaria


    Often a surprise to buyers of Bulgarian property is the fact that the calculation of the area of the local housing is radically different from the usual pattern. The calculation formula is: the...

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  • The category of construction and Acts 14, 15, 16


    Important and fundamental to the construction of any building is the act of commissioning. In Bulgaria regulates the construction of buildings law of the land, on the basis of which is the control...

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  • Maintenance fee of buildings


    Maintenance fee, aka the fee for service is paid annually by homeowners, the amount for the management of the building and grounds of the complex. Usually management is the maintenance of...

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  • The costs of housing


    Standard expenses for maintenance of housing are: State property tax Tax on garbage collection Utility costs for electricity and water Maintenance fee in the complex So, let's look at each of the...

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  • Post-sale registration of real estate


    Since the signing of the notarial deed and registration of real estate in Your property, You become the proud owner of my own living space in Europe! But there is still some unfinished mandatory...

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  • The procedure of buying property in Bulgaria


    Most logical and frequently asked question is the question of the procedure of buying property in Bulgaria. Team Property Format Ltd. ready to tell You more about this. So, first important point is...

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