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The Property Format  Ltd. provides rental services of cars.

The tenant for renting the car must present a valid driver's license, passport, registration on temporary address (hotel, apartment). The period of validity of the documents should be at least until the end of the intended term of the lease.

The minimum age of the hirer must be: 21 years for car hire group and small economy, 23 years old for car rental all other groups. Driving experience - at least 1 year.

The minimum term of rent is one day (24 hour rental). The rent price includes unlimited mileage in km, vignettes and tolls, as well as established insurance coverage of damage or theft of VAT. The rent does not include the cost of fuel. The lessee receives the car with a full tank and undertakes to return it also with a full tank.

Contact a specialist Property Format Ltd. to select the vehicle and dates of the lease.



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