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Good afternoon! My name is Sergey. Today I sold finally your Studio thanks to a very professional agent from the company properti Format. This Is Catherine. I am very grateful that the documents, the entire information field, were prepared very quickly. Literally in two days-from the date of giving the Deposit to the transaction. We did everything correctly.

Ekaterina is very professional in her work, competent, positive, and looks great, and knows her business, and always  meets half-way, and explained very well. On the same day, we received all the money through the Bank. Everything is fine, everything is correct. And the buyers are very pleased. So I am very happy that the day has finally come when I sold my property.

And now I want to tell you that if you want to sell or buy, or do something else, then contact Ekaterina. You won't regret it! Good luck to all of you!


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