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Today, September 1 the year 2020. no, I didn't go to school :-) I put in good hands our favorite apartment in our beloved Bulgaria (Sveti Vlas), where I come from. For 10 years, my husband and I were completely happy owners, nurtured and cherished it, but the decision came to sell it to solve the housing issue in Russia. Although the apartment is loved by us, it is very specific in its location. No one could sell it for 5 years. And only Catherine managed to find worthy new owners! And only she helped us solve this issue at the highest level. Has been found that those new owners that I wanted - a decent Bulgarians. 

Ekaterina was in touch with me 24/7: she chewed every step, answered my sometimes stupid questions several times, and carried out the entire process of preparing and processing the transaction at the highest professional level. My gratitude knows no bounds! Contact Katya and you will sleep well! 

Without exaggeration: Ekaterina is the best realtor on the coast!


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