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  • Valery and Elena, buyers, Russia


    Having made the decision to move in early 2018, we contacted on the Internet by Kate Adusheva. In correspondence with her on the Internet, we have designated a place where would like to live, the...

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  • Alexander, buyer, Estonia


    Good day! Here I became a happy owner of real estate in Bulgaria. And all thanks to the firm Property Format and its employees to Catherine, which I am very grateful. In her face I got sufficient...

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  • Irina, buyer, Russia


    I'm happy! Bought an apartment in Sveti Vlas. Dreamed about it for many, many years. On the Internet met my beloved Catherine Adusheva, who works as a realtor that I found this option. Just an...

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  • Stanislav, buyer, Israel


    Thanks to the Agency Property Format! Helped me buy an apartment in Kosharitsa. I am very grateful to staff member Kate! And it was all without any problems, it was almost all decorated. I came to...

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  • Kasandra, buyer, Israel


    Hello! My name is Kasandra! I came from Israel with my mom. Wanted to buy an apartment here, a great country. We are here with Katia from Property Format went everywhere, looked a lot of apartments...

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  • Torsten and Larisa, buyers, Germany


    From the first contact to handing over the keys, Ms. Ekaterina was always punctual, well prepared and thought through all the details when buying our apartment and organized it. We felt in good...

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  • Rainer, buyer, Germany


    Hello! This is Rainer. And i bought the Apartment with Help of Kate from Property Format. Here Bulgaria, i am from Germany. It everything was really fine. We had great time with Kate. We just...

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  • Ivan, buyer, Russia


    Just bought an apartment in Bulgaria. Worked with Catherine, the Agency Property Format. All very pleasant, all very quickly and professionally. I am happy! Recommend!

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  • Victor, buyer, Russia


    Hello! I want to share my experience with Ekaterina from the company Property Format. I already had experience of buying real estate in Bulgaria and experience of interaction with agencies in...

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  • Yuri, seller, Russia


    Worked with the Agency Property Format, with Catherine. Was very pleased. As professionally as possible. Comprehensive all the answers to any question. I liked everything, I recommend!

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  • Dejan, seller, Serbia


    Thanks Property Format and personally Ekaterina Adusheva for your help in the sale of apartments in Bulgaria. First, they wanted to sell the apartment yourself, without the help of an agent. For...

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  • Family Kamenovi, buyers, Bulgaria


    Hello! We are a family Kamenovi. I want to say our gratitude to Kate, who really helped us and helped to buy a home of our dreams in Sveti Vlas. Our story is that we liked this apartment where we...

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Customer reviews

Valery and Elena, buyers, Russia

Having made the decision to move in early 2018,...

Alexander, buyer, Estonia

Good day! Here I became a happy owner of real...

Irina, buyer, Russia

I'm happy! Bought an apartment in Sveti Vlas....

Stanislav, buyer, Israel

Thanks to the Agency Property Format! Helped me...